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Online psychologist Natallia Prusakova.

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Natallia Prusakova

A Russian-speaking psychologist online can be a good option for dealing with psychological problems.

My name is Natalia Prusakova, extensive experience of both face-to-face and online counseling of clients on various issues allows me, together with my colleagues, to provide professional psychological help remotely.

The goal of psychologists at is to help you quickly cope with difficult life situations and internal problems.

Online consultation with a psychologist is convenient:
  • You save time and money on travel
  • Being in a familiar environment will make it easier for you to relax and open up
  • Confidentiality - you won't run into other customers or strangers

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What is online therapy?

Online therapy — is a way to communicate with a qualified credentialed mental health professional over the phone or computer. Typically, communication is done through video messenger calls, online chats, or regular phone calls. Online psychologists, on the other hand, are mental health professionals, and typically conduct face-to-face consultations similar to online meetings.

Online therapy differs from face-to-face therapy in several ways:

  • In face-to-face therapy, you need to get to the therapist's office, spending money and time on the way there and back. In online therapy, all you have to do is press the call button on your gadget and you are connected, no matter where you are: in a cafe, at home, in the car, in the park, at home, on vacation, on a business trip or in another country.
  • If in face-to-face therapy it takes some time to get into special contact (report) between the therapist and the client, often with the client looking away, into the floor, then sitting in front of a phone or computer screen, the therapist and the client look into each other's eyes, which ensures a quick introduction into contact and the possibility of deeper psychological work.
  • In online therapy, the client can drink water, juice, coffee or tea from their favorite mug or glass, put on their favorite slippers, get cozy in their favorite chair or even on the bed, creating a comfortable environment that allows them to feel secure and more relaxed, which is very important for sensitive people.
  • During a video consultation, the client understands that if something goes wrong, he can simply press a button and interrupt the session, which also creates a certain sense of security.

What are the advantages of therapy with a Russian-speaking psychologist online?

Online therapy has some advantages over traditional therapy. Some people don't like to spend time on the road. Others realize that they don't have to think about who to leave their children with. For others, it is more convenient to communicate with a compatriot in Russian while living in other countries.

In addition, the cost of the services of an in-person psychologist is usually higher than that of an online specialist.

An Internet psychologist can be suitable for almost anyone looking for emotional support. Common problems addressed by the specialist include working with stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, trauma, crisis, loss, sleep problems and other psychological problems.

Russian-speaking psychologist online.

Is online therapy effective?

A major component of effective therapy — is the relationship between the psychologist and the client. Since online therapy does not involve face-to-face presence, many people express concern about whether an online session with a psychologist can help solve psychological problems and provide the necessary skills and mental help to clients who are on the other side of a computer or smartphone screen.

Despite the misgivings, our experience, as well as scientific research in the field, shows that online therapy can be very effective in dealing with various mental health problems. Here are the results of some studies:

  • A 2014 study published in the journal Behavior Research and Therapy proved that online cognitive behavioral therapy is effective in treating anxiety disorders.
  • A 2018 study posted in Journal of Anxiety Disorders shows that Internet therapy is as effective as, face-to-face treatment for major depression, panic attacks and anxiety disorders.
  • A 2018 study published in the journal Internet Interventions proved that online therapy is an effective means of psychological care. Acceptable to patients and perceived by them as a useful alternative to traditional in-person therapy in a psychologist's office.
  • A 2020 study published in the journal Internet Interventions claims the effectiveness of online care early after a traumatic event. This study is the first to show that emergency care is possible in an online format immediately after a traumatic event. And it is more accessible to clients than making an appointment in person with a specialist.

How safe and anonymous is a consultation with an online therapist?

Mental health professionals comply with mental health regulations and laws to ensure client safety and confidentiality. We do not collect unnecessary information or share our clients' confidential information with anyone.

The site complies with U.S. and European privacy policies. We encrypt data securely and protect it.

Price for online consultation
48€ (~55$)

The duration of the online session is 90 minutes

100% personal privacy

Online counseling
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Russian-speaking online therapists

Online psychologist Evgeniya Avsukevich.
Online Psychologist

Eugenia Avsukevich

More than 25 years in psychology. Extensive experience working with adults and children. In my work I use CPT, Gestalt therapy and other areas.

Online psychologist Alyona Busel.
Online Psychologist

Alena Busel

More than 14 years in psychology. Extensive experience working with adults, teenagers as well as couples. In my work I use psychoanalysis, Gestalt therapy and other directions.

Online psychologist Natallia Prusakova.
Online Psychologist

Natallia Prusakova

Extensive experience in online counseling. I use a variety of techniques and methods in my work. I consult adults and teenagers.

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How to sign up for an online consultation with a Russian-speaking psychologist?

Contact us via your favorite messenger. We will find a convenient time and date for your consultation and send you a booking link.

You can pay for the consultation with any bank card (Visa, Mastercard, MIR) or via Apple Pay and Google Pay. Payment must be made before the start of the consultation!

By paying for the service, you confirm that you have read the public offer agreement located on the website.

What do I need for online counseling?

Distance counseling is conducted in various programs and messengers, such as WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype, Telegram, Viber.

For online counseling you will need:

  • Computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone with Internet access
  • Installed software with text, audio and video communications
  • A webcam, speakers and a microphone (or headphones with a built-in microphone) so we can see and hear each other clearly
  • Find a quiet, private place where you can feel relaxed and not distracted by anything
  • Free up 1.5 hours of free time to do various things and interact with other people


Is confidentiality maintained?

The rules of confidentiality are stipulated by the psychologist in a contract of the public offer, which the client will have to get acquainted with before starting work. This document gives both the client and the specialist a guarantee of the inviolability of personal information in the course of psychological work.

How to make an appointment?

You can make a request for an appointment by sending a message on the messengers listed on the website or by emailing [email protected].

Are there face-to-face consultations?

Consultations are conducted only remotely. Research shows that online therapy is in many cases just as effective as face-to-face therapy. You can be in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and other cities in the USA and receive psychological help online.

Making an appointment with a Russian-speaking psychologist

We answer all messages during the day. We may not answer the phone, as a counseling session may be in progress during the call.

To make an appointment for a consultation, click on the desired messenger. Clicking will open chat mode with the contact already entered.

WhatsApp Telegram Viber Skype

Phone number, email or messenger details are needed to coordinate consultation times and to bill for services. We do not send out mass mailings and do not share contact information with third parties.